How to write a kick-ass commercial blog post


Whenever our clients ask us to write a blog post to convince their customers to do something, this is how we do it. For educational purposes, we included *an example*. Let’s say the client is an advertising agency that wants you to sign up for their newsletter. 


First, you intrigue your readers with a captivating blog title that gets ‘em to click. 

*Check, since you’re actually reading this.*


Spark their curiosity even more with a captivating one-liner or question in the introduction. 

*Did you know 100% of SirFish newsletters are 100% awesome?*


Afterwards, very subtly hint at the specific action you want them to undertake later. 

*Hey, here’s an idea: sign up and see for yourself! *


Time to throw in some good USPs of the product or service you are selling. 

*Hilarious, witty, makes you wish these awesome newsletters would flood your inbox daily.*


Some nice reviews, maybe. 

*"Perfect value for money” – Karen* 

*”Very happy with the no-return policy” – Karen*

*”The first newsletter was so funny I instantly ordered more” – Karen *


Ah, here it comes. The call to action. 

*Sign up for our newsletter.*


Finish off with a promotion to push them completely over the edge. 

*Sign up now and get 50% off our 100% free newsletter.*