Job offer: digital creative


‘Digital creative’. We know it sounds super vague, but it’s up to you to give substance to your future job. You’ll roll out digital campaign strategies, imagine creative content formats and come up with the perfect response when someone comments ‘I’d rather stay sober for the rest of my life than drink one more glass of this liquid torture’ on one of your Facebook posts for an alcohol brand. Still sounds vague? Please feel free to propose an alternative job title. As long as it’s not ‘digital centipede’. We know you can do better.


Things you can bring to the table:

You have a degree in marketing or communication.
You have at least 3 years of relevant experience.
You are creative and your social content inspiration is infinite. You can switch between a funny, captivating and informative tone of voice easily and you adapt to every client.
You will analyse our clients’ online media with a critical mindset and report the results of digital campaigns, adjust them if necessary and think about the next steps.
You will develop and implement digital and social media strategies.
You only need 280 characters to speak your mind, have hashtags instead of dollar signs in your eyes and have a TikTok song stuck in your head at all times. You know Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok and Google better than you know your parents.
You will manage the social communities of our clients and know what to reply to any comment, question or DM.
You are not a follower. Except when it comes to digital trends, which you will apply to new campaigns.
You are accurate and structured.


Things we can bring to the table:

A fulltime and indefinite-term contract.
A salary according to your experience and talent.
Challenging projects for clients from every industry (yes, even a singer-songwriter).
A laptop and smartphone.
Fun colleagues who also sold their souls to advertising.
A personal email signature in the SirFish colours of your choice.
An inspiring office space in the city centre. But for now, your own home desk. 
Real coffee, a stocked fridge and a place at the table on vettige vrijdag (once we’re back at the office).
Access to our in-house gym: the table tennis table and FIFA (once we’re back at the office).


Mail your resume and motivation letter to


PS We don’t need you to write us how “extremely motivated and eager” you are to join us, we want you to show us. Send us a creative application that is so far outside the box it isn’t even sent to our mail box. Get us a contract with Coca-Cola. Attach a selfie with a clownfish. Or a clown and a fish. Whatever. If you don’t use clichés in your application, we won’t ask you where you see yourself in 5 years’ time if we invite you over. Pinky promise.