10 super random things our copywriter learned this year


#1. Radson radiators are available in over 70 colours. And yet, some people go with turquoise

#2. Not all jenever is created equal. Not all hangovers are, either. 

#3. It’s actually pretty hard to burn an iron into a T-shirt for our Ethias campaign

#4. Showers really do spark creativity.

#5. Working from home is great, until you have to get up to open the door for your 354th online lockdown order and you realise too late you aren’t wearing pants. 

#6. Our boss actually knows how to use a vacuum cleaner.

#7. Koalas have unique fingerprints. (I was just doing research, Tom

#8. Our designer Bram is not a morning person. Not until noon. And slightly after that. All day, actually. Except for a sliver of happiness he experiences around 5.01 PM. 

#9. Brams temper does not improve when being called upon #8. 

#10. We need some good key words for Google Search. Such as advertising. Or art direction. Baseline. Branding. Campaign. Concept. Copywriting. Design. Digital. Print media. Social media. Storytelling. Strategy. UX design. Video.