What the stock?! 15 stock photos that will make you cringe


When you’re browsing through the Shutterstock database, you find the occasional gem. 

Sit back, put your coffee down (snort danger alert!) and enjoy. 

When you’re social distancing from your own baking skills.

Starring Leonardo diCatrio and Cat Winslet.

When you step into the washing machine because you’re dirtier than your clothes.

Hate when this happens. 

‘Food porn’.

When your Tinder date doesn’t look like his pictures.

Super normal picture. Until you realise this guy is wearing two different socks. 

We really can’t top the original description of this image on Shutterstock: “Een wasachtige aap boomkikker zit op een tak en lijkt het hoofd van een puppy te hebben.” 

We don’t know who’s furrier.

When you accidentally grab the bottle of bleach instead of face mask.

Guess what he’s using to wax your car?

Power to the carrot. 


What you get when you’re sticking your neck out for someone.

FINALLY. We’ve needed this image so often during our career.