Helping friends looking out for friends

Stad Hasselt


Insert here: your favorite music, laughter, and your party squad. Epic night, right? We're here to make it even better.


Now, we're not about to play the parental advisory card. We're talking friends looking out for friends, just like on 'BeReal'.


With our latest print campaign #BeRealFriends we're giving young peeps a nudge to turn their online friendships into real-world. On the front you see friends in various nightlife settings like dorm parties, festivals, clubs, and parties. But the real emotion and meaning are unveiled in the side picture, where friends are supporting and helping each other and enjoying the moment.


So, live, love, laugh - cringe - to the fullest while partying with a little sprinkle of #BeRealFriends magic for a safer, crazier, and awesomer time.


Look out for our posters and fun gadgets at events like Student Take Off, student clubs and festivals. 

Want to be friends with us? We know how to party and take care of you.