De Cité, olé olé

Stad Beringen


“Diversité, village café, not cliché... 

Oh, the rhymes we could weave about De Cité! But let's be real, these words truly summarize the spirit of the place. 


However, the city of Beringen didn't tap us for our 'poetic skills; they brought us on board for a rebranding and a fitting baseline for De Cité. 


We combed through De Cité’s rich history, mingled with its people to understand their stories, and soaked in the unique atmosphere. The result? A timeless baseline "van nature veelzijdig", perfectly outlining De Cité's essence. The logo reflects nature, heritage, and the immersive experiences that define De Cité. 

It’s a vi-brand identity for the vibrant De Cité.