Ethias On Insta



Every excuse to post memes on social media is a good excuse. Especially when you get paid to do so! 
Thanks, Ethias On Tour!


We also do a lot of competitions on their Instagram. A LOT of competitions. Why? It surely has nothing to do with the fact that we have a lot of friends and family who like to go to festivals, sport event of cultural happenings. Not at all!


And maybe you have seen a cycling hero sprint by on the grams? Internationally he’s known as Woot, Wow, Wood or Voot van Art. In Belgium we just call him Wout van Aert. Our cycling legend that will go in the sports history books as one of the greats. And, who also became part of the Ethias family. That calls for a celebration! Good thing we’re frontrunners in creative over-the-top welcoming gifts.


We went full sprint and came up with world class ideas to make Wout feel as welcome as one can feel. From a great birthday gift for his son Georges, his own Ethi to some cheeky memes that praise his dominance in the cycling world.


Credible sources told us he appreciates the memes the most.

Also looking for professional meme-makers? Or just social media wizards in general?