Fancy images will sell almost anything


After doing some stuff for their real estate projects Antwerp Tower, 4 Fonteinen and Quartier Bleu, Matexi asked us to upgrade their entire Quartier Bleu communication and target the high-end buyer. 

We were like: yeah, we got this. We’ll just do some Shutterstock research, buy the perfect images for this shoot and call it a day. Turned out, we couldn’t find the right ones so we had to book a model and organize a professional shoot after all. Result? The pictures – that we used in our exclusive Quartier Bleu magazine – actually look like they could be on Shutterstock. So, we might upload them later to make some extra bucks.

We will call this one: ‘The Runaway Bride Who Accidentally Fell into a Big Jar of Blue Paint and Then Had a Sudden Craving for Macarons.’

This one is titled: ‘Staring into the Distance That Is Actually a Green Key on Which the Rendering Was Photoshopped Afterwards.’

Or how about: ‘Doing the Walk of Shame on the Shopping Boulevard in Last Night’s Fancy Dress After a Ridiculous Yacht Party, All the While Looking Judgmentally into the Camera.’?

Our personal favourite? ‘This Girl was Seducing the Camera Just Moments Before She Walked Right into the Canal’.

We took some other lovely pics, as well. Did not make the final selection: ‘The One with The Girl in the Extravagant Blue Dress Secretly Hiding Macarons in the Layers of Fabric of Her Dress’ and ‘The One with the Handsome Man in the Extravagant Blue Dress’. 

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