Sending Pelt to the year 2050

Gemeente Pelt


We didn't use a time machine; we keep that one to ourselves for when we misinterpret briefings. However, we did assist the town council of Pelt in getting their citizens informed and excited about the fantastic plans the green municipality has in store to prepare their people for the future. Introducing: Peltorama 2050.

The city council has really big plans. Therefore, the first thing we did was cluster the different action points and strategies into four broad themes. They formed the basis of our campaign:

  • Plaats (Place)
  • Ecologie (Ecology)
  • Leefbaarheid (Livability)
  • Transport (Transportation)

Did your inner Sherlock decipher the hidden message? Exactly, the four themes also form PELT. You'd almost think we did it on purpose. For the campaign image, we transformed letters into a glimpse of the future.

The baseline “we go for more, and we never settle for less” shows the fury and determination of the committee to make a real and positive change. The more-less mechanism was the basis for the lighthearted campaign video that you can see below.

To further spread the message, we also distributed (beer) coasters throughout Pelt. All these communication channels lead to a website where people can watch informational videos that delve into the four themes and the exact plans. So, the next time you're thinking of going to the moon, make a stop in Pelt. It might be just as futuristic.