Why we love competitions

Retail Estates


As their creative agency, we do a lot of stuff for retail property company Retail Estates. We come up with some of the names of their outdoor shopping centres, create their websites, write social content and organise shopping events. And each year we casually help them do a national scratch & win campaign that includes handing out almost 700.000 (!!!) scratch cards. You know, the usual.


But our absolute favourite job was selecting a winner for the personal makeover campaign back. For your pleasure, and ours, we present you the entries of these 4 runners-up. They were submitted in Dutch, so we translated them for you.


We profoundly hope Christiane had an autocorrect issue.

Disclaimer: We swear to our gek moeke that we did not tamper with these submissions. 

Did our work get you hooked? Or do you just want to see how many more lame (read witty) fish puns we can throw at you? In any case, let's meet!