Reviving tradition with taste appeal

Smeets jenever


Have you had a shot of jenever in the past – let’s say – decade? 

(awkward silence) 
(birds chirping in the distance) 
(birds dying of old age in the distance) 


No wonder Smeets asked us to spice up the image of this once popular drink. Of course, we happily obliged. With our taste buds.* And after a few strong shots, a thought hit us: if we don’t like it (sorry, client), they won’t like it. So, to re-commercialize it, we mixed things up and asked 4 professional bartenders to create 48 cool cocktails using Extra Smeets jenever. 

We then served these tasty cocktails on social media, billboards and we even dedicated an entire newspaper section to it. In addition, we shot a throat-grabbing video of this guy Edward, who serves as a metaphor for the Smeets revival. 

* No livers were harmed in the creation of this campaign. Not permanently, anyway. 

Did our work get you hooked? Or do you just want to see how many more lame (read witty) fish puns we can throw at you? In any case, let's meet!