Supersocks for superheroes



We wanted to show our appreciation to the heroes of ZOL for their incredible work at the biggest hospital of Limburg. How? By giving them a warm thank you. One that would light up their day.


Only problem, because of the Rona (and our social anxiety), giving 1000+ people a big hug was not an option. So instead, we worked together with visual artist Niet Nu Laura (Not Now Laura) to create 3000 colourful (and functional!) socks to keep those hardworking feet warm and happy. And who doesn’t like free gifts?


We had tons of puns and idioms about feet worked out for this campaign but they’re in Dutch. So, unless ‘heroes on socks’, ‘warm little toes’ and ‘heroes of your sole’ mean anything to you, we’re not going to bother.

Want to be swept off your feet with a heart-warming activation?