We took over the Jeneverfeesten

Smeets Jenever


Who would have thought that a shady parking lot in the basement of an old government building hidden in the center of Hasselt would house thé most sought-after collectables of thé Hasseltse Jeneverfeesten? Well… We did!


For our client Smeets, and more specifically their thirsty fans, we created a unique souvenir to remember this year’s edition of the Jeneverfeesten. The Smeets “message in a bottle” was a series of one of kind collector’s items decorated by various contemporary (graffiti) artists. The canvases were the timeless, iconic Smeets old grain jenever bottles. Thus, harmonizing heritage and innovation into one very desired souvenir. We had a thousand bottles, and all 1000 were gone in an instant.


How did we lure all those visitors into this “exotic” underground parking lot to pick up the collectable? With the oldest trick in the book: create exclusivity and secrecy. We launched a WhatsApp campaign with a number that people could text. By starting a conversation, the people could receive the coordinates and password to enter the secret location. 1300 people texted us and even more people showed up.


The secret location, where the whole thing took place, was the ‘Smeets Secret Bar’. The second edition of the Smeets experience filled secret bar. And safe to say we topped last year’s edition by a (in the words of our boss) LAAAAAANNNDSLIIIIIIIIDE.

Looking for a landslide activation for your brand? We got you covered.